Random question for you: what kind of person drives you nuts?

The kind of person that gets under your skin and bugs the heck out of you.

Is it a slob?

Someone that has clutter everywhere?

Someone that’s a pest?

Maybe it’s that person you know that’s always asking you for favors but never reciprocates.

Do you know what kind of person drives me crazy?  A me monster.

What’s a me monster?

Comedian Brian Regan can explain this one:

A me monster is the guy at the cocktail party that only talks about himself.

He goes on and on about all the fancy golf courses he’s played at, what expensive car he’s driving, how much money he makes, and the next incredibly exclusive vacation he’s going on that you’ll never be able to experience.

Pretty awful, am I right?

I’m sure you know somebody like this and I bet if you were at a social function, he’s the guy you would try and avoid the entire night. The kind of guy when you inevitably get trapped into a conversation with you immediately think to yourself, “How the hell am I going to get out of this?”

So why am I talking about a me monster, other than to kill a few minutes watching a hilarious skit from Brian Regan?

Because when it comes to marketing, many businesses are a me monster.  They talk on and on about themselves, not their customers.

They mean well and don’t mean to be one, but sadly, they’re the guy everybody wants to avoid.

What they are really trying to do is show they are an authority in their field. That they have credibility and others trust them, like them, and want to do business with them.

They’re trying to prove what they sell is legitimate and they aren’t just some snake-oil salesman.

But this is where many businesses get hung up.

Instead of sounding like a confident authority in their industry, they turn into the skin-crawling, me monster that only talks about themself and the kind of business everyone tries to avoid.

That’s the last thing you want for your business because if you sound like a me monster in your marketing, you’re killing your sales.


How you can increase revenue by showcasing your authority without being a me monster

So how do you showcase your credibility and authority without coming off as a me monster?

There are three things you can do and they’re simple:

1. Talk about your customer, not you.

Your marketing should never be about you. It should always be about your customer and how you can help them achieve success.

Confident people and confident brands don’t need to talk about themselves.

The way confident people and businesses talk about themselves is by showing their customers how they can help their customers survive and thrive. The focus of the communication is the customer. 

2. Use social proof and let your customers do the talking.

This comes in many forms but here are a few:

  • Testimonials
  • Customer reviews
  • Pictures and videos of others using your product.
    • Reposts to social media are perfect for this.
  • Data and metrics that showcase proof. Ex. the number of customers you’ve served or the number of units sold.

3. Results from past customers.

This could be:

  • Return on investment.
  • Money saved for customers.
  • Money earned for customers.
  • Other industry-specific metrics showcasing your results.

When it comes to showcasing your authority and credibility the best strategy is to pull from all the different types listed above and spread it across your marketing collateral. On your website, in your email campaigns, or at the end of sales presentations for example.

And here’s the thing, it doesn’t have to difficult or be elaborate.

For example, my wife and I love going to a restaurant called Red Hills Market in Dundee, Oregon, the Oregon wine country. Anytime we are close, we stop by.

Not too long ago I noticed a sign they had hanging above their front door. It may be one of the greatest examples of authority, credibility, and proof I’ve seen recently.

Pretty awesome, right?

Especially considering they only have one location, to sell 50,000 roast beef sandwiches is impressive.

And I bet you have a craving for a roast beef sandwich now, don’t you? I know I do!

If you haven’t had one of their roast beef sandwiches, then I bet after seeing that sign you’re thinking to yourself it must be good. Trust me, it’s not good…it’s great.

What’s best about this sign, is its simplicity. They let their customers speak for their success.

They aren’t being a me monster, desperately seeking attention.

This sign says, “We make a great product and 50,000 people agree with us, so why don’t you try it out for yourself.”

That’s authority. That’s credibility. That’s proof.


Showcase your company’s authority

So when it comes to your business or organization, how can you avoid being the me monster nobody wants to be around and showcase your past success in a confident way that positions you as an authority?

Do a little brainstorming and digging.

Often many people and businesses undervalue what they’ve achieved but to others, it’s impressive.  You just need to think from an outsider’s perspective. If you’re stuck, ask a friend or customer what they think is impressive about your business and they’ll probably have a few ideas for you.

Need a starting point?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s your average rate of return you provide your customers?
  • How many customers have you worked with?
  • How many total products have you sold?
  • How much time, or money have you earned or saved customers?
    What other metrics can you think of that showcase how you’ve helped your customers?
  • What notable companies and clients have you worked with that would impress others?

Compile three to five stats, client logos, reviews, and customer testimonials and showcase them in your marketing collateral.  The less text the better.  Bullet points and small visuals are perfect for this.

You’ll be amazed by the response you get from prospects and even better, you’ll see the effort it takes to convert a prospect into a paying customer decreases.

When that happens, your sales will go up.

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