I’m a fractional CMO, brand messaging strategist, and marketing consultant and I love helping e-commerce, DTC brands, and startups that want to make a difference and aren’t afraid to be different.

For 10+ years I worked at Nike helping grow lines of business to over $500M in revenue.

That’s where I saw firsthand how one of the greatest brands in the world markets, brands, and creates product that turns customers into superfans.

While there, I realized the Nikes of the world don’t win because of the billions in their bank account (but having a cool billion never hurts). They win because they have customer, message, and marketing clarity, and the courage to market differently.

That’s something any brand can do. Unfortunately, I saw too many brands with great products not hit the mark in their marketing. That’s when I decided to leave Nike to help DTC, e-commerce, and growth-ready brands break out.

Here are a few client highlights since breaking out on my own:

  • Increased revenue +60% YoY in a 6-month period for an innovative DTC product brand
  • 2x’d website conversions for a DTC brand
  • Created a 6-figure email marketing strategy for an e-commerce brand in the auto industry.
  • Developed brand messaging and marketing collateral for a startup that went on to a 7-figure launch, landing top 50 golf courses, international stadiums, and MLB stadiums.
  • Helped a consumer athletics product brand develop and identify hidden opportunities for consumer expansion and created a coordinated marketing offense to take their business to the next stage.


    • Fractional Marketing Support
    • Non-Boring Brand Messaging
    • Clear, Creative Copywriting
    • Strategic Growth Marketing Consulting

    If you’re an e-commerce/DTC brand, innovative startup, or brand that makes a difference and you’d like to:

    • Break out of your growth plateau
    • Launch a new product line
    • Tap into new markets
    • Inject life into your marketing
    • Unify your product, marketing, and branding efforts into one coordinated front…

    I can help. Schedule a call today and let’s grow your business.

    The process is simple:

    1. Schedule a call and tell me about your business.
    2. I’ll identify what you need in your marketing to grow your business
    3. I’ll get to work so you can focus on what you love to do in your business.