Monarch & Mallard Furniture

Monarch & Mallard has amazing furniture imported from all over the world, but they didn’t have a website that showcased the beauty of their product and a marketing strategy to attract and convert shoppers into buyers.

One week after implementing their marketing plan and redesigning their website, Monarch & Mallard had their first-ever sale online!

Since then, they’ve had hundreds of customers visit their showroom and buy their furniture after discovering them online.

Project work: Marketing strategy, brand script, website redesign, PDF lead generator, product copywriting, customer testimonials

PDF Lead Magnet

A key part of the marketing strategy for Monarch and Mallard was to attract new potential customers. In order to do this, we created a free PDF lead magnet for potential customers to download. Monarch and Mallard’s customer base has a keen eye for design but often needs a bit of help figuring out how to decorate and design a room, so we made the PDF download all about designing the perfect room.

Hoyt Interiors

Coordinated with the launch of a new business, Hoyt Interiors needed a marketing strategy, brand script, and new website that showcased their amazing interior decorating work.

With a clear message that identifies their customer’s pain points, we built a website that showcased their incredible decorating work and led customers to schedule consultations, the first step in on-boarding a new client.

Project work: Marketing strategy, brand script, website design, copywriting