On pace for 6-figures in revenue from email, 2x increase in website conversion rates, and more than $36,000 in revenue from email marketing in the first quarter.

ValvoMax is an e-commerce business that’s all about making DIY car oil changes faster, easier, and cleaner. There was a big opportunity to grow the business but the website was underperforming.  On top of that, they had more than 10,000 customers but had never sent an email marketing campaign. It was time to go to work.

Project work: Website copywriting, conversion rate optimization, email marketing


GroundWorx is a high-tech company with a revolutionary soil sensor and turf management platform for the golf industry.

They struggled to explain in language their customers could understand how their platform could help them develop superior quality grass and reduce costs for their golf course. It was holding them back from having a successful business launch.

What GroundWorx needed was a clear message so their customers engaged with their brand and key marketing assets to help them reach their ideal customers for their initial product launch.

Project work: Clear brand message guide, website copywriting, social media guide, sales trifold brochure, sales keynote presentation

Flashpoint Building Systems

Flashpoint is a startup company in the construction industry with groundbreaking technology that can transform the way wood-frame construction is built.

Before working together, the Flashpoint team struggled to explain clearly how their technology could help their customers save time and money by reducing subfloor layout errors which are a major problem.

With a clear message and the confidence to talk about their business the right way, the Flashpoint team nailed their pitch and won 1st place in the Hacking For Homebuilding Entrepreneurship Competition, winning a $10,000 cash prize.

Project work: Clear brand message guide, company video script

Monarch & Mallard Furniture

Monarch & Mallard has amazing furniture imported from all over the world, but they didn’t have a website that showcased the beauty of their product and a marketing strategy to attract and convert shoppers into buyers.

One week after implementing their marketing plan and redesigning their website, Monarch & Mallard had their first-ever sale online, establishing an online presence which eventually led to the acquisition of their business.

Project work: Marketing strategy, brand script, website redesign, PDF lead generator, product copywriting, customer testimonials