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“We struggled to talk about what we did in a way that made our customers interested. It was frustrating because it cost us sales. With Parker’s help, we have a clear consumer-facing message that grabs people’s attention, the confidence to send people to our website which is a sales tool for us now, and we have key marketing assets to help us grow our business.”

CEO, Brad David

The Overview

GroundWorx is a high-tech company with a revolutionary soil sensor and turf management platform for the golf industry. The problem is, their ideal customers are experts in turf grass management, not technology and software.

GroundWorx struggled to explain in language their customers could understand how their platform could help them develop superior quality grass and reduce costs for their golf course. It was holding them back from having a successful business launch.

The Solution

What GroundWorx needed was a clear message so their customers engaged with their brand and key marketing assets to help them reach their ideal customers for their initial product launch.

Clear Brand Message

Website Copywriting

Social Media Guide

Sales Trifold Brochure

Sales Keynote Presentation

The Results

6 Figure + Launch

Launched to more than sixty customer product trials setting GroundWorx up for a 6-7 figure income stream.

International Clients

With the right marketing assets and team, GroundWorx has landed top 50 golf courses, stadiums in the MLB, NCAA, and Rugby, and expanded to new vertical lines of business.




The Sales Brochure

The Sales Keynote

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