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“I was so familiar with my product I couldn’t step back and explain it to someone well. Parker was able to take all the things I wanted to say and created a compelling message that grabbed our customer’s attention in a few words. This led to an increase in our conversion rates almost immediately which means thousands of dollars in increased monthly sales.”

Founder, Mike Burns

The Overview

ValvoMax is an e-commerce business with a revolutionary oil drain valve product and system that makes at-home car oil changes faster, easier, and cleaner.  The founder Mike had a big opportunity to grow his business but his website was underperforming because it didn’t properly communicate the benefits of his products which led to sluggish sales and conversions.

On top of that, he built a list of more than 10,000 email subscribers over six years but hadn’t sent a single email. That’s right…10,000+ customers and not one marketing email sent! That’s where I stepped in to help.

The Solution

After clarifying what makes ValvoMax products unique, I rewrote the homepage and key product pages with the goal of increasing conversions.

We focused on 4 things:

  • Naming and claiming the key value proposition of ValvoMax products: Change your oil in 10 minutes or less with no mess.
  • Clearly communicating the key benefits of the products.
  • Elevating his brand with proof and authority stats.
  • Cross-selling suggested products on each page to increase average order value.

For email, we set up Klaviyo, reengaged the cold email list, and then created key email automation flows, including a four-part welcome series that shared ValvoMax’s story and why customers had to buy his products. Our goal was to turn first-time customers into die-hard fans.

The Results


Conversion Rate Increase

Leading to thousands of extra revenue generated monthly.


Revenue From Email

In First Quarter

On pace to add 6-figures in revenue through email this year.









1. Added proof in key areas:

    • 5-star review count above the product name to see proof early.
    • Review snippet just below CTA button.
    • YouTube review from car influencer Scotty Kilmer.

2. Grouped all valves into one product page to drive product-specific traffic.

    • Before there were multiple different Quick Twist Valve product pages because each had a different fitting. This meant traffic promoting the valve couldn’t go to a single product landing page. We now have a drop-down menu item in the product page we drive traffic to.
    • This makes the product collection pages much easier to navigate and groups all reviews into one page.

3. Reduced CTAs to 1 “Buy It Now”.

4. Made product photos more visible.

5. Added risk reducers to reduce abandonment.

    • Free returns
    • Guarantee
    • Lifetime warranty
    • 100% satisfaction

6. Created a user-friendly product benefit and features section.

    • Before product descriptions were either hidden or too long when expanded. We turned these into easy-to-read product description tabs.

7. Added relevant cross-sell section with products most likely to be added on.

8. Added value proposition section highlighting all the benefits of the Quick Twist Valve.

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