Flashpoint Building Systems

Clear Brand Message | Company One-Liner Message| Company Video

“Having worked the brandscript and the video to align with each other was instrumental in our win.”

Nick Stoppello, Co-Founder, Flashpoint Building Systems

The Problem

Flashpoint is a startup company in the construction industry with groundbreaking technology that laser engraves building information directly onto the subfloor sheathing, transforming the way wood-frame construction is built.

Before working together, the Flashpoint team struggled to explain clearly how their technology could help their customers save time and money by reducing subfloor layout errors which are a major problem.  Making sure projects are built right the first time is critical to the profitability of a construction project especially now with difficult challenges caused by labor shortages and supply cost increases.

The Solution

What Flashpoint needed was a clear message (a brandscript and company one-liner elevator pitch) that captured their customer’s attention and a company video that showcased their innovative solution for homebuilding.  Their video was instrumental in helping new leads see the value in their service and how Flashpoint could help their construction projects.

Clear Brand Message

A Video Script That Sells

Watch The Company Video

(Video production and editing by Bryan Rupp)

The Results


1st Place – Boise Entrepreneur Week

With a clear message and the confidence to explain how they could transform the way their customers built, the Flashpoint team nailed their pitch and won 1st place in the Hacking For Homebuilding Entrepreneurship Competition.


Cash Prize and Exposure

With the first-place finish came a $10,000 cash prize, media coverage from local TV and national outlets, and multiple client projects setting them on an accelerated growth path.

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