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Most websites I come across are a COMPLETE waste of time and money.

And if you’re a business owner, startup, or entrepreneur…you don’t have time for that. (insert “ain’t nobody got time for that” meme here 😉)

The ineffective and costly websites I come across typically fall into two groups:

1. The all-style, no-substance website​ that looks amazing and beautiful but tells you absolutely nothing about what the brand does and how it helps.  

2. the TMI website.  Which has so much information that it overwhelms and scares visitors away.  It looks like a page out of the Encyclopedia Brittanica.  

Here’s a company I came across recently that nailed their website.

It’s from Rocket Money.

They knocked it out of the park because they had 5 key elements that all websites need to attract and convert visitors

In this post, I’ll break down why this website works. That way you’ll know what your website’s missing and what you need to you can turn your website into a sales machine.

1. They use a Problem, Solution, Outcome Opener Headline

Attention spans are short…you have a few seconds to draw visitors in. Do it with this formula:​

  1. Start with the problem your customers have.
  2. Introduce your product as the solution
  3. Paint a picture of a successful outcome

How Rocket Money does it:

  • The Problem: Managing money is hard, but you don’t have to do it alone.
  • The Solution: the Rocket Money app
  • The Outcome: Save more, spend less, see everything, and take back control of your financial life.

For your website: in your landing section (the first section your visitors see) is it clear the problem you solve, how you solve it, and the outcome they get from your product or service?

​If not, it’s time to get to work. Make it clear, obvious, and keep it short. Less is more. Visitors should be able to understand these 3 critical things in 5 seconds or less.

2. They sell outcomes, not features

Customers don’t buy your features…in fact, they probably don’t know what they even do. But they do buy the outcomes your features produce for them.

This is where 99% of businesses I come across get it wrong because they suffer from the curse of knowledge. Because they know so much about their product or service, they can’t understand their customers don’t have the same knowledge.

So they list out all the features of their products and services because as the creator/owner of the product, they know what outcomes and results those features produce.

But you have to remember, your customers don’t know them. So tell them!​

Rocket Money’s outcomes:

  • Put your savings on autopilot
  • Get control over your subscriptions
  • Stay on top of spending

For your website: Are you highlighting your product or service features or the benefits? Can your customers see and visualize what outcomes they get from your product or service features?

Don’t assume your customers understand your features. Tell them what they get!

3. They use a Proof Super-Combo

Customers are skeptical what we offer works. It’s our duty as a brand to provide proof what we do works.

Rocket Money does it with a quantitative and qualitative proof super-combo:

  • FOMO (fear of missing out): Join 3.4million+ members
  • Ratings: Proof their app works with 4.5 stars and 22k+ ratings.
  • Outcome proof: Over $245 million saved
  • Authority: As seen on Tech Crunch, Money, Forbes, WSJ
  • Reviews: scroll to the bottom and you’ll see dozens of actual reviews. That’s all the proof you need.

Customers are risk averse. And when you ask them to buy your product or service, there’s a risk for them. They could waste time and money on something that doesn’t work.

No matter how big or small the purchase is, it’s a risk.  

By showcasing your proof, you build trust.

For your website: make sure you showcase what you offer works so you reduce the perceived risk of doing business with you.

4. They clarify how to use their product

Confused customers don’t buy.

Rocket Money takes the mystery out of using their app by clearly stating ways in which you can use the app.

After seeing those 4 items above, is there any question how you can use their app?  ​

For your website: do you have a section that tells your customers how they can use your product or service?

Knowing how to use your product and how it helps shouldn’t be a mystery for your customers. They aren’t up for a game of 20 questions.

Tell them.

5. They use sneak peeks

Rocket Money doesn’t just tell us how to use their app, they show us how the app actually helps us with clear snapshots.

Notice in the picture above how Rocket Money shows you a snapshot of their app listing out a few of the subscriptions they help you track and cancel so you can control your subscription spending.

For your website: show your product in use by customers so visitors quickly see how to use your product.

That’ll help get them over the goal line, buy your product, and get quick wins from your product so they keep coming back.

Your Turn

Pop open your website and do a quick review.

  1. Do you open with a problem, solution, outcome?
  2. Are you selling outcomes, not features?
  3. Are you reducing buying risk by showcasing proof what you do works?
  4. Have you made it easy to understand how to use your product?
  5. Do you show customers your product or service in use?

Give yourself a quick grade on each questions.

​If you’re not sure, ask someone that doesn’t know much about your business. If they don’t know how to answer any of those questions, then you know where to focus.

Now go fix them so you can turn your website into a sales machine!

WARNING: once you fix your website, you may get tired of hearing the cash register ringing with all the sales you rake in.

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